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YANKEE CASH REGISTERS is pleased to announce the newest POS system available. The software engineers at E-Logics not only have expertise in POS systems but in Fast Food as well. They understand the needs of the Fast Food restaurant and the know-how to implement it. Combined with the proven reliability of the ELECTRALOGICS, Inc., hardware, E-Logics has developed this system to be user friendly for both cashier and management. It even has a built in HELP MENU on every screen. 
 Aside from being the fastest Touch Screen system, E-Logics allows for back office communications as well as remote location polling. Choose what information you need to arrive directly to the computer in your Main Office. 
 Save money on printing costs. Our E-Logics system can utilize the newest Thermal Printers allowing faster printing, reduced consumables costs, and less frequent repairs. 
Attractive leasing options. If purchasing a POS system is not in your budget, consider leasing with a $1 buy out at the end of the term. Ask about our different plans.  Tie all this together with the many other added features and you have a POS package designed to give you reliability, flexibility, and accuracy. 
     As always,
YANKEE CASH REGISTERS provides you with 24 hour, 7 days per week technical support.

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