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Problem: The Drive Thru Register takes a long time to ring in any item. It also has long beeps between items.
Solution: The restaurant has an outside Order Confirmation Unit (OCU). The OCU is not receiving the information from the register. On Version 4.XX stores check the cable plugged into Com2 on the Drive Thru Register. It may not be plugged in all the way. Unplug it and re-plug it. Look for breaks or cracks in the cable. The cable may need to be replaced. Also try recycling power on the OCU interface box (usually located in the managers office). If all else fails go into System Databuilding on another Register. Go into the 430 edit. In the "Order Confirmation" Section highlight the Entry and choose "No Selection" from the list on the right. Then go into the 427 edit, choose the Drive Thru Register. Under the "Order Confirmation" section highlight the OCU type then choose "No Selection" from the list to the right. Exit all screens back to Order Taking and try to take an order. The Drive Thru register will no longer send information to the OCU until the problem can be corrected.

Problem: I have reprogrammed my Bump Bar but it still won't work. What do I do now?
Solution:  In most cases the Bump Bar is only half programmed. Open this file for programming instructions - New Bump Bar Programming Instructions

Problem: After a power outage the Kitchen Screens do not display ingredients, only the number "1".
Solution:  The problem occurs because the Video Controller boots to quickly. Plug the keyboard into the Video Controller and do the "3 finger salute" ( Control - Alt - Delete). This will restart the Controller and reload the missing data.

Problem: Can not Remote connect to the Host Modem. Can not remotely Poll Registers.
Solution:  Usually this is due to telephone or modem issues. Below is a troubleshooting reference for remote communication. 
Also available as a download.
Right Click Here and "Save Target"


Please follow these troubleshooting steps:

I use an external modem on my computer so I can hear the modem sounds when it dials and connects. If an internal modem is used or you can not hear any modem sounds call for setup instructions to turn on the volume of your modem.
1. Dial the remote host that is having the problem. Listen for the tones. Note whether it is a busy signal or just no answer.
2. Place a voice call to the remote hosts location.
- If the line is busy:
-ask the person if some one is using another phone at the location.
-ask if anyone is using the computer to access the internet or other online service.
-if no to either of the above, have the person locate the external modem for the registers. Remember, they may be of different brands so look for Best Data, Acer AOpen, US Robotics. Once they have located the modem have them unplug the telephone line from the device. Try dialing into the location again. If you do not get the same Busy Signal then have them unplug the Power Cable from the modem, plug it back in and plug the telephone cable back into the device. Try dialing into the location again. If you connect then all is well. If you get the Busy Signal then chances are you have a defective modem device.

- If the line just rings and never answers:
(usually the problem is because someone unplugged a telephone cable for some reason. Check ALL cables from the modem to the wall jacks. DON'T ASSUME that all the cables are plugged in where they are supposed to be. Follow them and check them.)
-call the remote location and have the person perform the following:
1. unplug the power from the modem and plug it back in.
2. check to be sure the telephone cable is plugged into the modem, in the correct port (LINE IN or TELCO), AND that the SAME cable is plugged into the correct telephone wall jack.
3. Reset the modem from the Server register. (a restart of the server performs the same affect).
4. Dial into the remote location again.
If the remote modem still does not answer then have the person locate a corded telephone that can be plugged into the telephone jack for the modem. You may not have a dial tone coming in. If there is a dial tone, try dialing into the remote modem and have the person listen for the corded phone to ring. If it does then you may have a defective modem. If not, you will need to verify the phone number you are dialing is correct, if so, contact your telephone carrier for service.

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